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Riga - Economical Powehouse of Baltics
Bohemian cosiness of Prague, the cool elegance of Paris and the cosmopolitan atmosphere of Berlin… This is Riga- more then 800 years old major , business, cultural and industrial center in the Baltic region, always exceeding people’s expectations.
This interactive city tour makes possible to admire the true spirit of compact streets of the old town as well as feel the busy, rhythmical atmosphere of big-city.

Exquisite Latvian taste
Eating and eating traditions in itself is a good enough reason to travel to Riga!
More ever. You can enjoy the old chocolate making traditions by trying to create something out of the sweet material of chocolate in guidance of professional chocolate masters-sculptors..
Or try to put yourself in a real barmen’s shoes by mixing and trying the world famous herb liquor “Riga Black Balsam” in very stylish contemporary “B-Bar”, located in the heart of city. You could never imagine how many different, amazing cocktails you can make out of this incredible black coloured drink.
Cultural splendours
The dessert of culture.
A night at the Latvian State Opera is a real treat. Enjoy a world-class performance of ballet or opera, meet some of the artists in person and have champagne and hors d’oeuvres served during the break at the White Hall.
Or visit the one of the symbols of Riga - magnificent Dome Cathedral built in the 13th century and enjoy the special performance on the one of the biggest and most well sounding organs in the world with 6718 pipes
Romantic Gataway to Pine Forest and Sandy Beach
Jurmala – the largest resort city in the Baltic States is well-known for its natural treasures – the mild climate, sea, healthy air, curative mud and mineral water.
The attraction of Jurmala hides in its almost 33 km long white sand beach, the large pine forest and the natural border of the city – the river Lielupe.
Come and enjoy this romantic gateaway to pine forest and sandy beach.
Olympic Movement
Sigulda - The Switzerland of Latvia.
For many years Sigulda has also hosted the Latvian national team of winter Olympics. Some of the Olympic medalists in Luge and Bobsleigh have acquired and developped their skills here.
This is also home for the "Flying Latvians" - vertical wind tunnel masters that were starring in the closing ceremony of Torino Winter Olympics.
It is a place, where you feel the presence of the Olympic Spirit and where you are invited to enjoy and experience it yourself.
Cold War Mood
The cold war concept is designed to get the taste of not so distant but yet so far away soviet times in Latvia. For some it might bring new discoveries, for others it may call back distant memories, but it is grand fun to experience it on your own knowing that it is only a simulation and will never become true again.
Living Traditions
When entering Latvia that hides behind thick pine forests be sure to meet some living historical objects, structures and households, because much of the European history is still alive here. You, a visitor and probably a stranger will be rewarded with the intimacy of these treasures for a while.
You can be guest and even real family member in Latvian farmhouse or even more, we invite you to take part in reproduction of summer solstice celebration night “Ligo”, dating back to B.C. era.
Don`t miss your chance.
Flavour & Savour
The untouched Baltic sea coast that stretches along the Western side of Latvia for more than 100 km has its own distinct smell and taste.There are no daily crowds of tourists and holiday makers, no huge factory-hotels.
Sea, wind and sand are still the true masters in the tiny fishermen villages. This is not a standard tourist excursion, but rather an adventure for your senses of smell, taste and unlimited imagination.
Historical experience
Would you like to experience life as it was many centuries ago? Tailor-made programmes will take you away from the city rush to witness the traces left by various European cultures. Only 50 km from Riga, the "Mediaeval" town of Cesis and the Rundale Palace, which was favoured by Russian tsars, offer ideal settings for banquets and gala parties.
Country of Giant Oaks
Latvia is the country of giant oaks.
Take care of one of those colloses by mowing the grass around him and facilitating access to the tree. The mowing by a simple hand scythe is something that many of us have never done as yet. Try something that has been an every-day activity for many generations before electricity and sophisticated mechanics were invented.
Ancient Forest
See unique ancient forest. For centuries no commercial activity has been going on in this wild wild corner. You can see how the trees naturally are being born and die disturbed by noone`s motor saw. Despite of that, the forest is healthier than any other artificially grown and cultivated.
Ice Hockey Madness
Imagine yourself being an NHL ice-hockey player. Come out in an Ice Arena and try boarding your colleagues or scoring “hat-tricks”. Who knows, maybe we`ll even find an unrecognized talent among you, a new Gretzky to send to the annual draft of new members of world famous Latvian national ice-hockey team.
For sure..this tour is not for soft and dribbling guys.

Competitive Latvian Farm-Life
Can you survive without your PC screen in front of your eyes? Can you compete only in typing, stapling, copying and creating reports? Come, show some creative spirit in the wild nature - far away from any office lights.
Clay Pigeon Shooting and Fishermans life
If you want to feel the power of a gun you are invited to examine your precision and attentiveness at a clay pigeon shooting range.After that you will be invited to experience some real fisherman’s life in the nearby town of Roja.
Men`s games
Stop playing kid games! Come where the real power is! Experience something strong and really impressive.
Try the power of real guns in old fashioned, stylish soviet time shooting gallery or feel the sweating sitting next to a race driver in a sports car driving at a top speed on a racetrack.
Latvian Night
Under the roof of one of the biggest log-houses in Europe you will find a great place for recreation favoured by Latvians and foreign visitors alike. An exceptional Latvian cuisine will be served in this ethnic-style restaurant and many folk activities are held on the attraction grounds around the tavern.
Amber Hunt and Beach resort Jurmala
Approxomatily 1 hr guided panoramic drive will take you through the nearby sea side resort town Jurmala to a small fisherman village. During a short stroll along the beach participants have a possibility to find and collect small amber stones, that lay scattered in the sand and amidst the sea-grass. The sounds of well known seamen songs will welcome you in the yard of traditional fisherman wharf. There, the bonfires will be set and freshly smoked fish served picnic style together with a glass of hot or refreshing drink!
Jungle of North East Europe
Latgale - Eastern part of Latvia is not EU area bordering with Russia, but also a symbolic and extraordinary place, where East meets West, different cultures, languages and traditions.
This is a charming scarcely populated place, if you are looking for peace and quite.
The locals call this region a land of blue seas and pine forests. Small solitary villages randomly cover this part of the world that has been untouched by much of the modern civilization. It has a large blend of different ancient cultures like Latvians, Russians, Lithuanians, Polish, Belorussians and Lithuanians.

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